Beer W. Amandus Russian Peasants Resting in the Field, oil on canvas


Artist: Wilhelmina Amandus Beer
Period:19th century
Style Name:Napoleon 3rd
Condition: Perfect condition
Material: Oil on canvas
Length: 75
Width: 47

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“Beer W. Amandus Russian peasants resting in the field, oil on canvas”
Russian peasants resting in the field. Oil on wood. 19.5×38.5cm. Signed and dated “WA Beer 1900” lower right. Beer was trained at the Städel Art Institute, where he himself became a teacher in 1897. In 1857 he visited Munich and the Alps and went to Vienna. However, his repeated trips to Russia received critical attention. During longer stays in the years 1867 to 1870 and 1877 in the Smolensk governorate – above all on the estate of the painter Sergei Andrjewitsch von Baryschnikoff – Beer studied in detail the characteristics of the country and its inhabitants. Its penchant for depicting scenes from Russian folk life has earned it the nickname “Russian beer”.
With frame:75/47cm

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