Very Rare Exclusive Watercolour By Gustave Clarence Boulanger


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“Very Rare Exclusive Watercolour By Gustave Clarence Boulanger.”

Report From Medecins a Alger injection Peyrard is mentioned in “Figures of healing (18th-19th centuries): A story …” Very rare exclusive watercolor by Gustave Clarence Boulanger. In 1845, Boulanger was sent by his uncle to Algeria to take care of Desbrosses’ business. Boulanger was mesmerized by everything he saw, and what was expected as a two-month stay rose to eight, until Desbrosses threatened to cut his funds. Boulanger brought back a large number of sketches which he used for his first Orientalist paintings. (This was the first of at least three trips to North Africa, including one in 1872 with Gérôme.… Africa had opened up new ones for him. horizons, had aroused in him unforgettable emotions, but had not thrown him into the great current into which Delacroix was to venture and from which, with his marvelous genius, Delacroix was to emerge unscathed. Gustave Boulanger brought back the brilliance of the Orient in his eye rather than in his thought. He dreamed of a quieter Orient, with broad lines, fine types, delicately pleated draperies; an Orient with the Greek sky. Because museums preferred to collect his classical subjects, the orientalist works of Boulanger have long been less known, but in the art market of the 21st century, they are more sought after and sell for more. unframed dimensions: 45 x 60 cm

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